Work connected

Edge Spark deploys rapidly then reliably and instantly connects your devices to the internet. Even over vast distances, and in the harshest conditions, Edge Spark enables you to keep working. Connectivity, networking and edge computing all available in one unit that’s light enough for one person to carry. Your team can share data, monitor environments, collaborate and make informed decisions with real-time insights about conditions on the ground.

From configuration to deployment and ongoing support, we offer an end-to-end managed solution.

Our sectors


Enhance your capability to assess and respond to conditions on the ground in even the most remote locations.

Stream video, connect personnel across terrain, or harness edge computing. Do all this from a secure, military-grade device that can be deployed and operated by any personnel in less than a minute.

Edge Spark is developed and supported by a team with decades of experience in the Australian and US military.

Emergency Services

Whether you’re responding to a single accident or a natural disaster, you need reliable, real-time communication to assess conditions and direct your personnel.

Edge Spark’s ease of use makes it ideal for first-responders: they can deploy and operate Edge Spark in less than a minute.

As the situation on the ground evolves, Edge Spark lets you move quickly, with rapid deployment and continuous connectivity.

Remote Healthcare

Continue delivering vital healthcare to remote communities, even where infrastructure on the ground is limited.

Share patient data and access specialist advice by video stream. Keep your staff safe with uninterrupted communications. And do it all securely — both across your remote team, and back to base.

Where patient privacy demands data being stored within your jurisdiction, Edge Spark’s inbuilt storage options safeguard compliance.

Disaster recovery

Support a community in the midst of rebuilding with the connectivity your team needs to operate — and that locals need to stay in touch. When the power grid and cell towers are down, Edge Spark gives you a self-contained communications hub that’s ready to deploy.

Each unit is fully self-contained, with the power, network access and data storage all contained in each unit. 


For remote exploration, Edge Spark enables your staff to work safely and relay information back to base. Process data locally, transmit back to base, or simply help your staff stay in touch with loved ones.

For remote maintenance and surveillance across large sites, Edge Spark’s continuous connectivity supports video streaming and file sharing, enabling you to instantly assess and respond to any faults that might disrupt operations.

Aviation and drone operations

Plan flights safely and precisely across remote terrain. Before each flight, download weather data and file flight plans. During each flight, direct action from headquarters on the other side of the country, or livestream footage. Respond to changing conditions in realtime.

All this requires a fast, reliable connection and processing power on site. Edge Spark makes this possible.

Our benefits

Resilient connection

Seamless connectivity for smooth video communications, fast downloads and real-time data analysis. Edge Spark maintains a continuous internet connection via Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite and 5G cellular technology, with automatic switching to the highest performing option.

Your team can securely connect any device over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, or extend their reach via Mesh Radio.

Small and portable

Access the internet in terrain even a 4WD can’t reach. Edge Spark comes in two lightweight, briefcase-sized units – including battery. Each unit is small enough for one person to carry.

When your unit first arrives, and each time you move across your site, Edge Spark easily travels with you.

Quick and easy to use

Set up in less than a minute, with no specialist training required to operate. All the connectivity, networking, storage and computing you need are built in and ready to use.

With Edge Spark, you don’t need specialist tech teams on site or on call. The equipment and the technology are equally robust — giving you uninterrupted operation.

Rugged and reliable

Edge Spark is housed in a weatherproof Pelican case and features military-grade components.

We’ve deployed Edge Spark in almost every remote environment imaginable, from river lands to desert and coastal communities.

Choose the best power source for your work — Edge Spark works with any 12V power source, including vehicle or boat power, or our off-grid solar power supply.


Enable your team to access the internet and share data securely. We monitor all Edge Spark deployments and alert you of unusual activity.

We protect site-to-site networking using military-grade encryption. Apps and data storage on each unit are housed within a secure network perimeter. Together, these measures reduce your exposure to cyber attacks from the public internet.


We don’t just ship the units — we offer a fully supported solution. We configure Edge Spark, recommending the right solution for your needs.

We support Edge Spark for the life of its deployment. We update software to the latest standards and releases, and offer remote technical support.

You don’t need specialist technicians to use Edge Spark. Just let us know your requirements.

Our solutions

Edge Spark Connect

Seamless internet access anywhere,
at any time.

Edge Spark Connect provides high-performance internet access to personnel in the field, and scales rapidly from small mobile teams to full-scale remote operations.

The solution ensures fast, reliable internet connectivity via Low Earth Orbit satellites and cellular backup.

Edge Spark Mesh

Connect and collaborate across multiple locations, all with no specialist IT support required.

Create a secure private network between sites, protected by military-grade encryption. Your team can share files, access sensors and stream media securely — without exposure to the public internet.

Edge Spark Host

Bring data storage and computing power with you, even to the most remote locations.

Combine edge computing with internet connectivity in one simple integrated unit. We reduce the need to ship separate bulky server units to your site.

Enabling technology

LEO satellites

Low Earth Orbit satellite internet offer fast, reliable internet connectivity in any location — including regions not served by public mobile networks. This technology is used in remote communications and military applications for its faster downloads and lower latency.

Edge Spark includes built-in software to manage routing and seamless switching between LEO satellite and 4G/5G cellular back-up for a more reliable experience.

Mesh radio

Mesh radio is an optional alternative for extending wireless access by kilometres.

Connect Edge Spark to your mesh radio network to share internet access with every node.

Wi-Fi 6

We use Wi-Fi 6 to connect devices. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) bring faster wireless speeds, better battery life, and less bandwidth congestion than what’s possible with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technology.

Edge computing

Edge computing allows data processing by devices close to where the data is captured. Process more data, faster, so you can respond in real time.

Edge computing supports locally hosting your most in-demand apps and most valuable data to reduce your use of internet bandwidth.

About us

Edge Spark is brought to you by Cognitive Advantage. We’re an Australian technology company dedicated to enabling everyone to digitally connect and compute anywhere and anytime. We’ve seen the difference that reliable connectivity and distributed computing make in helping organisations work efficiently — and in empowering remote communities.

We bring specialist expertise in edge computing, encrypted networks, cloud solutions and digital resilience. We’re constantly innovating through research partnerships, developing new technologies to expand our solutions. Our team has decades of experience delivering projects for state and federal governments, including the Department of Defence: we bring both technical expertise and deep understanding of government requirements.